Never get caught off guard by your credit card.

Spyn is a credit card that keeps you out of debt and in control of your finances so you can live life on your own terms.

  • 1% cash back
  • Automatic bill pay after every purchase 
  • Spread out big purchases over time

Build financial security without breaking a sweat. Spyn makes your money work as hard as you do.

  • Earn 1% cash back on every purchase.
  • Link your bank accounts so you never overspend.
  • Dip into padding when you need a little extra cash.

Be the master of your money.

Sometimes you need to invest in yourself or your family. Spyn helps you make smart decisions.

  • Know your payment amount before you buy.
  • Lower interest rates than traditional credit cards and no additional fees.
  • Payments made automatically.

Pay over time on big purchases.

With our mobile app, you can expertly manage your finances from your pocket.

  • Virtual cards keep your actual card number safe when shopping online.
  • Block an upcoming payment with one tap.
  • Set spending limits and expiration dates for each card.

Take control of your bills.

A better way to pay for the things you need and the things you love. 

If you're going to use something every day, it should make you happy. Our limited edition designs will make you smile every time you use your card... and again when you see the difference it makes in your finances.

Tap on a design to choose your favorite and reserve your card today.

Credit cards don't have to be boring.

Get rewarded for 

smart financial decisions

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Spyn Card

You deserve the benefits of a credit card without the traps and stress of a traditional card. That's why we're building a new kind of credit card that keeps your finances simple and helps you stay out of debt. The final product may vary from what is described herein.